Real Capiz Shell Beaded Curtain

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Add some tropical delight to your decor with our beautiful white capiz shell curtains. Measuring 35″ wide and 84″ long, this curtain will fit in a standard doorway. Use them in a window, or as a backdrop for a couch or chair! There are so many uses for our beaded curtains, let your imagination run wild!

Place two or more next to each other for wider spaces! This capiz shell curtain features 14 strands of 2″ diameter shells.

The rod on the top is round, and is amazing and has a natural brown finish. There are 2 metal eyelets screwed into the rod. All you do is hang the metal eyelets over top of 2 nails or suspend them from c-hooks and you’re done! The beads are already hanging from the rod so it literally takes 2 minutes to get this in place!

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Each curtain is 14 strands and measures 35 inches wide and 84 inches long.

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